Dec 30, 2007

How To Make Money Online Without A Website

There are countless ways to make money online without having a blog or a website. What are these ways? Let's talk about them in general.


2. Write at MYLOT. I have been paid by mylot 4 times. So I guarantee it pays. It pays through moneybookers and paypal with a minimum payout of $10. Just participate in discussions, create or respond to topics, upload photos and get paid.

The good: It's a wonderful interactive community. Most people in Mylot I believe are there not to make money as a priority but to interact and get their ideas acrossed.

The bad: It used to pay very high before when there were only few members. Now it pays about 1 cent to 7cents per post on my experience.

But not simply for money, you will enjoy staying at mylot. You'll meet new friends and learn new things. You might even learn more ways to make money online at the site.

3. Write at Forums. I have not tried this idea but I do participate in forums but not to make money. Expect to get paid only cents per post.

4. Join Surveys. There are plenty of Survey Sites. I have joined one that hasnt paid me yet but it looks very promising. I earned 27 dollars in less than 10 minutes. The payout though is high $75 and payment is though check or paypal. It's called A.W Surveys. You can check it here.

5. Search and Make Money.
This is a slow way to make money. I've joined a few sites but am not active. You earn cents using this method.

6. Make Money From Photos and videos. This is another money making strategy but oftentimes the money you make depends on the number of impressions you get. So say, if you get 1000 impressions you can be paid 25 dents to a dollar. Getting a thousand impression though is tough.

7. Go Freelance. If you are good at writing you can accept freelance jobs and get paid. This one is understandable.

8. Sell Stuff only. Sell at ebay. Selling might just be your thing.

These are all the things I can think of for now. But if you wish me to complete the list and make it 10. Add the following:

9. Join any contests online.
10. Beg for donations.

(hahhahaha... (grin :)



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