Jan 18, 2008

Get Paid To Review Programs

Below is a list of the most popular Get Paid to Review or Get Paid to blog programs. These sites require you to review websites, products, services and in return you get paid. There are certain requirements that your reviews must meet like minimum number of words, minimum number of links, whether the review should be positive or negative, and the disclosure, non disclosure or site wide disclosure.

I have proven most of these programs and they really pay. I've been paid by these sites not once but twice the least. The advantage of these programs is the fast money it gives. In comparison to Pay Per Click programs like adsense, you can make as much as $100 a day from these sites.

To be accepted to these programs, page rank is an important factor although some don't require any page rank at all. Another importance of page rank is it is determinative most of the time of how much the advertisers will pay you. In short, the higher the page rank, the higher the pay.

CAUTION: With easy money, comes the risk! Google has continuously been slapping websites and blogs Page Ranks because of selling links. Making reviews to make money is indirectly selling links. If you make reviews Google will soon find this out and will take away your page rank.

So does this mean you can't make reviews and make money online? Not really! To be spared from the Google PR slap, always put the "no follow" tag in the links towards the advertisers' site. This way you don't give link juice to these advertisers. Some advertisers specifically require that you do not put "no follow" tag. The decision is entirely yours if you will accept an offer as such.

So how do you put the no follow tag. This is an example of a link with "no follow" tag.

<a href="http://pinoydollarquest.blogspot.com"rel="nofollow">Pinoy Dollar Quest</a>

Let us presume that my blog in highlighted in blue is the advertiser's blog. That code high lighted in red is the no follow tag. You can use that code not only in your reviews but also in other outbound links that you have. I don't guarantee that Google will not punish your blog because you have this tag, but as far as I know it lessens your chances of your blog getting penalized. But if don't care about your blog being penalized, then just pray hard that Google will not find out that you are selling links. But i'm telling you the BIG G is almost Omnipresent. My Make Money Online blog was penalized after I made only two reviews from PR-4 to PR-0, that's why there's no reviews in that blog now. Here's a link to websites and blogs that were penalized as well- Click here.

It is really within your judgment if you will make reviews or not. All I can say is that the money you can make from making reviews is very very big if we convert that into Peso. Some bloggers still make reviews despite the PR-penalty. It's understable if the money you could make from reviews is way more than what you regularly earn in the Philippines.

Anyway, here's a good list of Get Paid to Review Programs. Just click the links or the banners to lead you to the site!
  1. Blog Advertising - Get Paid to BlogSmorty
    Average payout: $6, pays weekly
    Minimum post length: 200

  2. Sponsored Reviews
    Average payout: $5 but varies
    Minimum post length: 50 -300

  3. Advertise On This BlogBlogsvertise
    Average payout: can set a minimum in your account; you can grab task as well
    Minimum post length: 2-3 short paragraphs

  4. PayPerPost
    Average payout: $5-$infinite
    Minimum post length: 50 -300 words

  5. Loudlaunch
    Average payout: $5, the higher the page rank the higher the pay
    Minimum post length: 50-100

  6. ReviewMe
    Average payout: usually $5 but it depends on PageRank
    Minimum post length: 200+

  7. BloggingAds
    Average payout: $5 (page rank is not a consideration)
    Minimum post length: a couple of lines.

  8. LinkyLoveArmy
    Average payout: minimum $5
    Minimum post length: varies

  9. PayU2Blog
    Average payout: $5
    Minimum post length: 60 words

  10. Blogitive
    Average payout:
    $5Minimum post length: a couple of paragraphs

That's all for now. Subscribe to my Feed so that you will receive updates in your email! Good luck on your quest to make money online!

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Jeff says:
at: March 10, 2008 at 6:50 PM said...

Hey Pinoy,
Thanks for stopping by our blog resource. You may want to join our new PTC site aimed at bloggers. We have just launched and this could be something to help you in your online adventures.

Kind regards,
Jeff R

Sana Lakhani says:
at: April 29, 2008 at 3:42 PM said...

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Pinay Mommy says:
at: May 7, 2008 at 5:51 AM said...

thanks for dropping by...sure I love exchange links. just add me and leave a message if i am already added. thanks!!

chetan says:
at: May 20, 2008 at 6:34 AM said...

Hey Pinoy,
My blog is quite new and is not recieving a lot of traffic at the time. Can you suggest a few paid to blog programs that I can do.

lady says:
at: July 9, 2008 at 12:19 AM said...


you can try sponsoredreviews and buyblogreviews. PR is not required here.

a struggling blogger says:
at: July 31, 2008 at 2:01 AM said...

very nice and useful info, thanks!


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