May 2, 2008

Free Blogger Templates

It's a must that every blog must have a good template. Your blog's template must cater to both your users and the search engines. It means you must have a good looking blog that is user friendly, easy to navigate and at the same time is search engine friendly. It's easy to find out if a blogger template is user friendly or not. You'll find that in the colors, in the navigation buttons and in the overall layout of the blog. But when it comes to how search engine friendly the template is, well, that's a hard one. But nonetheless a template that's user friendly is likely to be search engine friendly as well. To be safe read carefully the description of the template and test it first. This is where a trial blog comes into play. You test the template first before you decide to officially use it in your blog. You woundn't want to have a totally messed up blog at the end, only because you failed to notice how ugly the template is when all the posts and the sidebar items are added.

The templates provided by Blogger to be honest is really not that good looking. I say they are boring and perhaps a lot of you would agree with me. Thanks to a lot of innovative and skillful individuals who have made elegant, professional and personalized blogger templates available for free to anyone. Getting a very beautiful template doesn't have to cost a penny.

So where do you get these beautiful blogger templates I am talking about?

Below is a good list of websites offering free blogger templates:

14. - (blogger and wordpress templates available here.)

You will notice that most of these sites are new. Perhaps it will be your first time visiting these websites. You will definitely love the various templates here. But am sure you will have a hard time choosing the blogger template for your blog. (Always don't forget to set up a trial blog first).

So, now you know where I get my blogger templates for my blogs.
Now its your time to give your blog a fresh make over!

Good luck!



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