May 15, 2008

Make Money With Dneero

Dneero is my latest venture. It's a survey site where you participate in surveys or conversations as properly used in Dneero. Surveys take about a minute or two to complete. After that you have the option to get paid or give away your earnings to certain charities. You will then place the survey to your blog. You will be provided with a code for that. You can also put the survey in your friendster account. The survey must stay in your blog/friendster for at least 5 days to generate impressions. You will be paid for taking the survey and for the impressions that it generates.

This is an example of a dNeero Conversation or Survey.
This is an example of the dNeero Survey that I placed in my blog.

To get paid one must reach $20. Payment is via Paypal. Once you reach the payout, you can request for payment immediately. As of the moment I already have $9.75 in my account with $.45 pending.

Making money with dNeero is not fast. But it's a legitimate site that you can truly trust. My prediction is that I need 10 more days to reach the payout. When I get paid,as usual I'll provide the proof.

My tip: Place the survey in your blog/s with lots of traffic. Or tell your friendster friends to check your friendster profile everyday so that you get lots of impressions. More impressions means more earnings.



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