Jul 9, 2008

Pay Attention To Peso Dollar Exchange Rate

As a blogger, every penny counts, especially for us Filipinos. A very important lesson new bloggers must learn when it comes to making more money online is to pay attention to the current peso dollar exchange rate before cashing out your hard earned money from your paypal account.

Some bloggers tend to neglect this simple strategy. Don't be too hasty to cash out your money. Check out the current exchange rate first. Withdrawing your money at the right time, on the right day can give you more of your money's worth.

Withdraw your funds when the Peso is weak as against the Dollar. Doing so can give you extra hundred pesos which is enough for two kilos of rice if I may say so!

Remember Paypal has a different exchange rate compared to what we see in our local news. For quick reference as to the current peso-dollar exchange rate you can visit Inquirer and compare that with the exchange rate using your Paypal's currency converter.

Just pay attention to these numbers and listen to the news. If you think the Peso will weaken even more you can wait another day, otherwise withdraw your funds to avoid losing more money!

 Peso Dollar Exchange Rate as July 9, 2008Peso Dollar Exchange Rate as July 9, 2008



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