Aug 28, 2008

Know What People Are Looking For!

One way of increasing your blog's traffic is to know exactly what people are looking for online. When you blog about something you must have an audience, a special market that will look for your blog or for what you are offering. That's precisely why, before starting a blog or a website, think of your traffic. Will people search for something that is found in your blog? Will people actually be looking for the information you are offering or you are talking in your website? You must have your keywords listed that you will use in your blog and that people will search for.

For instance if you blog about "chocolates", you know many people will search for chocolates online. But let's say you start a blog about a favorite food of yours that is found and is known only in your place, you won't get as many searches a day as compared to "chocolates". It doesn't matter at all if you rank 1st on the SERP but with only 10 searches or less a day, rank 1 in Google is useless.

So before you make a website know your audience first, study your keywords, know the searches that are made everyday, and of course know your competition.

Getting a good SERP is really hard. But you need a good search engine ranking and a good traffic to make money online. It will take a while to get a steady flow of good organic traffic. If you want it fast you can hire an SEO expert to help you out.

But if you just want that sudden outburst of traffic to your website, make use of google hottrends. It's about the most searches that are made everyday. It's updated every few minutes. Just blog about the current hot searches in google and expect increase in traffic. If you get lucky enough you can get thousands of visitors to your website just after a few minutes of blogging about the hot trends in google search. Try it!

Today Hot Trends:

1. dennis rodman
2. bill clinton speech
3. christine o donnell
4. vanessa minnillo
5. beau biden
6. cronyism
7. candace michelle
8. joe biden speech
9. stanley hotel
10. camel spider
11. zero g
12. bo biden
13. marvin hamlisch
14. divorce
15. tammy duckworth
16. shear genius winner
17. martha smith
18. domestic disturbance
19. freudian slip
20. mile high stadium
21. poveglia island
22. casey anthony myspace
23. xtube password
24. babs jensen
25. mccain vp



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