Aug 20, 2008

Tiger Woods and Nishita Shah Included In Next Gen Billionaires

Billions, Billionaires, money...Forbes has completed it's list of the next generation billionaires. Only a few are blessed so financially this way and mostly come from the rather richer countries. With a few exceptions.

This year Tiger Woods and Nishita Shah, an Indian Origin are included in the list of the next generation billionnaires. Tiger Woods is a popular golf sensation. He is rich and everyone knows it. So it's no brainer that he is included in the next billionaire.

But Nishita Shah, is worth of mention. Nishita Shah is only 28 years old. She is one of the richest, young people in Thailand. Her wealth comes from her stake in the family sprawling business empire. Forbes estimate of her net worth last month was $375 million.

Nishita Shah Picture

Nishita Shah



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