Sep 21, 2008

Determine High Paying Keywords For Adsense

Is it possible to find high paying keywords for adsense? How do you find high paying keywords for adsense?

Yes, you can determine the high paying keywords for adsense or at least get an idea of how much advertisers are willing to pay for certain keyword. I had no idea about this when I started blogging and it took a while for me to discover this.

So here's how. Use Google Adwords to determine high paying keywords that you can scatter all over your post so that ads regarding those keywords will show up. There's no guarantee however that you'd be paid exactly according to the results in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, but it's worth a try. In my case it works most of the time. This is one of my secrets.

If you notice a drop in earnings remember to avail of this free tool. I wanted to give you screenshots and even a video of how you can use Google Adwords but I have a very slow internet connection at the moment due to bad weather.

That's all for now. Bookmark my blog to get updates regarding this.

Update: Here's the video. I had hard time reducing the more than 80MB AVI file.

Here's a better clearer video:



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