Oct 27, 2008


Have you ever heard of Moveme? I post this question after I saw Moveme’s website. To be true, I’ve never thought there exists what is called moving services. Moving service is offered to those who want to transfer from place to another. Technically it helps you move. Here in the Philippines, I am not sure if moving services exist. Although we have here “Bayanihan”, where Filipinos help each other move a house literally. But perhaps moving services exist in the Philippines but only in urbanized areas.

Moveme’s moving service is really helpful. It takes care of a lot of things involved in moving from one destination to another. The services it offers include vans for hire and moving boxes among others. You need the right boxes for your precious belongings to ensure that they don’t get damaged in the moving process.

Interesting enough is Moveme’s Move Planner. You can try this for free at the website. Here’s how this planner works. There are 3 basic steps you need to do first. One is to enter your current post code. Second, enter the post code of the place you are moving to. Third is to enter the date of your move. Then a calendar filled with key moving home tasks and dates will be presented to you. The key moving home tasks are already filled and scheduled, just add your additional tasks or arrange the schedule according to what suits you best. The Move Planner helps you plan everything even to the extent of when to get a parking permit and the voter registration. Almost everything is covered I suppose. Indeed it’s very efficient to use. It’s free by the way so you can try it yourself. It’s also very easy to use.

Moveme also has removal quotes. You can browse through their list of removal companies and compare their rates. It also offers free mortgage quotes. So if you need mortgage quotes because you want to buy a home, then get your free mortgage quotes at Moveme. Moveme can provide you with low rate mortgages. Just decide on what’s best for you.

Simply speaking, Moveme is just great. I haven’t experience using their services myself but from what I’ve read and after trying their Move Planner and free mortgage quotes I’m giving Moveme a good rating. And it’s no surprise if I feel this way for the site, after all it was given the Yahoo Innovation Award and the Yahoo People's Choice Award.



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