Oct 2, 2008

Who Won the VP Debate?

Who won the VP Debate between Palin and Biden? Based on what I found online, it's Sarah Palin who won. Biden was defeated. Take a look at what I found online regarding the Vice Presidential Debate winner:

FoxNews focus group of undecided voters: almost unanimous that Palin won the VP debate.

CNN focus group of undecided voters: Palin won.

Cable news pundit reactions: Palin won, mostly. Biden on tactical points. Palin connected with the American people.

Keith Olbermann: “Nobody expected this performance.”

Fact checking unraveling: large number of Biden misstatements. Command of legislative history was weak despite confidence.

First poll on who won the VP debate: Palin 86%, Biden 12% (Fox Online)

Drudge online pol on who won the vice presidential debatel: Palin 73%, Biden 26% Source

And here is the The VP Debate Video


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