Nov 10, 2008

Adrienne Bailon Nude Pics?

Adrienne Bailon Nude Pics?

Adrienne Bailon has nude photos in the internet. Here's the story. Adrienne Bailon's laptop was stolen in an airport. Lucky enough her laptop was recovered but then it's been suspected that the sexy and nude photos of Adrienne Bailon already spreading online came from her laptop. Perhaps the person who stole her laptop had copied her sexy pictures. According to reports, Adrienne is planning to pursue legal actions against the person or persons responsible for releasing her private pictures in the internet. The pictures of Adrienne Bailon were believed to be intended for her boyfriend Rob Kardashian.

I don't have the Adrienne Bailon nude pictures here though. But it's all over the internet. I've seen the pictures, a few of them.



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