Nov 12, 2008

Cindy McCain Affair: The Shocking Photo!

Cindy McCain Affair: The Shocking Photo!

This is the photo that came from Enquirer that has circulated through the internet, creating a lot of buzz for John McCain and more importantly the concerned- Cindy McCain. I got the photo above from this source. I tried checking the link pointing to the Enquirer but the page was already 404- not found.

The photo above is allegedly Cindy McCain kissing some guy in public. There were witness to the kissing and hugging according to the source of the picture. You can click the link above.

Do you think this is Cindy McCain in the picture? The picture is blurred and I can't clearly see the face of both the man and the woman. So I can't decipher with utmost certainty that this is indeed Cindy McCain hugging and kissing a guy.



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