Nov 15, 2008

Jing Hua Wu Kills SiPort CEO Sid Agrawal (See Video)

Jing Hua Wu Kills SiPort CEO (See Video)

This is so shocking. When killing is involved it also shocks my moral sense. How can someone kill another person. Jing Hua Wu Kill SiPort CEO Sid Agrawal and Brian Pugh the Vice President for Operations? This is unconfirmed because I only read this in some blogs and heard a friend talk about it. I haven't seen the news on CNN or BBC or Fox news yet.

Accordingly Jing Hua Wu, is a 47 year old worker of SiPort who was laid off. Him being laid off is said to be the reason that trigger the killing of Sid Agrawal, Brian Pugh and other 3 persons in the office of the Silicon Valley, at about 4:00 P.M friday afternoon.

Jing Hua Wu killed SiPort CEO Video from youtube



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