Nov 9, 2008

Postsecret Painting

Postsecret Painting

I don't what Postsecret Painting means or it's significance. It's on the searches today. I conducted few searches to find out the meaning and other related information about Post secret painting but didn't quite get what it means. It must have something to do with art i suppose or should I say obviously. lol

Update: I now have right information about Postsecret Painting. Below is the Postsecret Painting. It has this phrase written on it: "when you stopped loving me...i stopped painting."

This painting was sent by someone named The Painter' to The other day, The Painter sent a message to the author of and it reads:

Frank -

In April of this year you posted a secret of mine, it was a painting that read "when you stopped loving me...i stopped painting."

A friend of mine asked to see my paintings while I was at his house yesterday. I don't have any of them online, so, I did a Google Images search for "PostSecret Painting" not expecting to actually find it.

It was the first image to show up!

I was surprised, but more than that, I was moved. I felt like that secret was personal to me, that very few would identify with it. It's posted on blogs and in personal photo albums, even on myspace pages!

Seeing it again reminded me what it felt like to send it in. It reminded me how great it feels to be free from it.

- The Painter
( please check out postsecret dot blogspot dot com)

One commentator of this blog commented that this post was made to only attract visitors. Yes I made this post to attract visitors but not merely for that purpose. I also intend to provide the right information to my readers. A little late maybe especially when I don't see the right information to share. But I always try to give what people are looking for. Anyway, thanks for your comment.

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at: November 9, 2008 at 6:38 AM said...

This post gives me the feeling that it was only posted to attract visitors from the top Google searches. If you don't know what the search means or any signifigance to it then why write about it?


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