Feb 25, 2009

Adsense January 2009 PIP!

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There's a PIP or Payment in Progress already for Adsense January 2009 earnings. It appeared just at the right timing when I badly needed some cash. I expect to see Payment Sent by February 27, 2009. I won't be getting very high earnings from adsense this coming adsense payment. But it's pretty much higher compared to what I have earned this month of february. Adsense ecpm is very low, CTR went down as well. I think this has something to do with the current economic crisis. Well, just my two cents. How about you, are your adsense earnings higher this month of February or was January a better month?

Overall from adsense and my other affiliate and make money online programs, I'm still a four figure dollar earner. Earnings have been well within the same range. But am still hoping for higher revenues in the upcoming months.



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