Feb 14, 2009

Adsense Stats Stuck This Valentines Day (Feb 14,2009)

Adsense Stats Stuck This Valentines Day (Feb 14,2009)

Have you checked your adsense stats today? If you have then you must have noticed the delay in the reporting of your impressions and earnings. Well, it happened to me and I did panic because today is a good day for me. My impressions for my adsense account did not coincide with the impressions my statcounter and sitemeter have recorded. The earnings are really low too.

But don't fret guys, this is happening to you, to me and to all others. Bloggers have blogged about this. Forums have discussed about this too. It seems Adsense is stuck this Valentines day. Let's just hope adsense will update our stats correctly and give us the money that's due to us. Let's wait and see for the adsense team to fix this one. Probably there's a bug in their system or they could be up for some weekend update.

If you have the same problem with you adsense stats today feel free to say a word about it. It's a relief to adsense publishers to know that it's not only them that' s experiencing some adsense stats updating problem :).


Jiudai Baba says:
at: February 15, 2009 at 1:33 AM said...

same here, i couldn't get correct stats. in additional, the 160x600 vertical ads died myteriously for no good reason


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