Feb 20, 2009

Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech

Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech

I like gadgets a lot. I'm the kind of person who likes technology, cellphones, GPS, laptops, anything electronic and useful. If only I have the finances to buy all the beautiful gadgets there is at the market, I'd buy a lot of them. Do you know that my phone is so obsolete that it's got no camera nor internet in it? I have my PDA before but it has retired. Well, never mind. So anyway, Omnitech 4.3 is a portable GPS with Text To speech. It can talk and that' s just nice especially when you are on the go. It will announce directions, street names to you. It's like having a personal tour guide. Below are the specifications of Omnitech 4.3.

Features: (Source)

  • Easy to use – large icons with bright screen display
  • 4.3inch TFT LCD
  • User friendly touchscreen
  • Text-to-speech announces directions and street names
  • One-touch QuickNav button, program in the address to your home or office. Then tap the home button to automatically have it route to that address from where ever you are
  • Dual processors calculate routes fast, especially alternate routes
  • 2d, 3d, day or night views available
  • Multilingual voice prompts in English, French, and Spanish
  • 1.5 million point of intrest
  • Preloaded Navteq maps of the 48 United States stored on a 1GB SD card
  • 1.5 million points of interest pre loaded



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