Feb 9, 2009

Ways to Protect Your Paypal Account

Nowadays, hacking is very common. If you have a Paypal account be it personal paypal account, premier paypal account or business paypal account, you wouldn't want to be hacked and be a victim of hacking. Here are simple steps to protect your paypal account from getting hacked which you might have known already or maybe not. Either case, this is just to remind.

Ways to Safeguard your Paypal Account:

1. Always log in directly to your paypal account.

2. Use "https" instead of the usual "http"

3. Always check the verification of the site first. (see video below)

4. Use your onscreen keyboard if you suspect there is keylogger on your pc.

5. Never log in to your paypal account in public areas like internet cafes etc. Keyloggers might be installed in those computers and your account details could be exposed.

6. Don't use the same password for you email and your Paypal account.

7. Try to change your Paypal password every 3 weeks or every month just to be safe.

Here's a short video



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