Mar 9, 2009

Free Megaupload Premium Account!

Looking for a Free Megaupload Premium Account?
Unfortunately it's not easy to find a megaupload premium account, free username or passwords. Buying a premium account is costly too. I don't have a premium account myself. What I do avail of are the free happy hours of Megaupload and the megaupload premium links generator. These work well in downloading files which are not too big in size. It's limited and sometimes you get error along the way but you just can't rely on those free megaupload premium accounts. I've tried downloading lots of files containing free premium accounts for megaupload but they don't work and I often get viruses. So it's not really safe.

If you really want a megaupload premium account pay for it or do what I do. Avail of the Happy Hours and try free megaupload premium link generators.



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