Mar 7, 2009

Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts and Generators!

How to get a free rapidshare premium account?

In reality free rapidshare premium accounts exist. Yes free rapidshare passwords, free rapidshare usernames. There are hundreds out there. I even downloaded a notepad file with over 140 rapidshare premium accounts. Did I use them? Yes tried using about 5 of these passwords in one single day and the results all did not work. After a few more days I tried using the other accounts but it's either the accound does not exist or the username and password don't match.

If you want to get a rapidshare premium account you either pay for it. That's not friendly to the pocket or you can ask a friend to share his rapidshare account with you. That's cost free but it requires a lot of trust from a friend towards you.

There are also free rapidshare premium generators online which I happen to use by chance, still not working. The only thing that works so far are the so called rapidshare premium link generators. What these generators do is to generate the premium link for the rapidshare file you want to download thus you get the faster speed and avoid the file limit download. But these generators would allow you a maximum of 5 files to download per day with file size limits to up to 500 mb only. Well, that's better in all aspects than waiting for 5mb file to finish downloading in an hour.

In my next posts I will discuss about where you can find free rapidshare premium generators.



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