Mar 4, 2009

Watch UFC 96 Live Streaming!

Watch UFC 96 Live Stream!

This is an experimental post. I was shocked to learn that my post about the Pacquiao vs Hatton Live Stream ranked 1 in the SERP. I did not optimize for that keyword so it comes as surprising to me how I rank top 1 for the keyword. Maybe google has give my blog some authority.

So now I'm experimenting with some SEO. The target phrase is "Watch UFC 96 Live Stream"and or "Watch UFC 96 Live Streaming". This blog is a Page Rank 3, so I'm hoping that alone could give me a better standing in the Search Engine Results. For a day I won't promote this blog post, no search engine or directory or bookmarking sites submissions, just pure reliance on this blog. Let's see how this blog post will rank in the SERP for the "Watch UFC 96 Live Stream" and "Watch UFC 96 Live Streaming"



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