May 20, 2009

Hayden Kho Katrina Halili Scandal?

I heard via tv particularly SNN of these Hayden Kho Katrina Halili S-e-x Scandal. I saw Katrina Halili being interviewed. She was crying and all. I pity her. The Hayden Kho Katrina Halili Scandal has ruined her in a lot of ways. I hope whoever uploade the videos online will get what they deserve. It was not right. And it was not right of Hayden Kho to video tape Katrina and some other women while having private moments with him. Yes, there are other women involved. Allegedly, the is the so called Hayden Kho Maricar Reyes Scandal and some Brazilian model.

Anyway, I hope Katrina Halili gets over these and may she get the justice due to her.



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