Jul 20, 2009

Squidoo's Doin' Some Cleaning: Deleting Accounts! Yay!

Squidoo is really doing some serious cleaning. Squidoo has been used by many in creating spam lenses for the purposes of generating backlinks and getting extra traffic for extra money. Now Squidoo is taking matters seriously and many accounts have already been deleted.

If your lenses get caught in the spam filter, it's either you get warned or your account gets deleted outright. You can always appeal to squidoo if you receive a warning or a deleted account. But just make sure you are able to prove your case so Squidoo can reinstate your account.

Nonetheless, you can still sign up for a new account, but a lesson learned the hard way already. With a new account, just be extra careful to follow the newly updated Squidoo policies and rules. Make lenses that are informative and not spammy. Squidoo is a good place to promote your site but know your limits, know what's allowed and what's not allowed! Goodluck!



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