Oct 19, 2009

UFC 104 Live Stream: Replay Video Play By Play???

Guys, who is your bet for the UFC 104? Machida or Rua?

Anyway, UFC 104 live stream is available on Pay Per View and will be taking place not long from now, as the UFC 104 is scheduled on October 24, 2009. Many would want to watch UFC 104 live streaming online for free but I don't think that's easy to figure out. Of course there's justintv, Sopcast, but UFC 104 live stream free online is an illegal one unless you watch the live stream on the official UFC website. Same is true with the UFC 104 replay video play by play or Machida vs Rua replay video. This one would also be illegal. So, if you can wait, then you bookmark this blog for the UFC 104 results, winners list.

Yes, you can take the risk searching for UFC 104 live streaming links, or UFC 104 live video feeds but you have very minimal chance of getting the right live working link for UFC 104: Machida vs Rua. You'd be spending a lot of time looking for the working live straem yet you might just frustrate yourself. But if you do find a working link, you can comment here and tell me what that link for UFC 104 live stream is. :)



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