Jan 5, 2010

AdultFriendFinder Earnings

Are you still making money online? I hope so. Pinoy Dollar Quest seldomly updates but that doesn't mean, I have stopped making money online. I still make money online passively. Here's a look at my Adultfriendfinder account. As of the moment I have made $72.58..

Barely $30 more and I will be receiving another payout. Remember, I don't promote A-F-F at all. I have few blogs running with their ads on but I don't actively promote them. That's really passive flow of income which is really good considering my busy life.

Adult Friend Finder is a good way to make extra cash online. Should you feel the desire to join, don't hesitate and I humbly request you join under my referral. Follow the banner below. Thanks and keep visiting PDQ for more make money online articles..



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