Apr 27, 2010

Adbrite Check Arrived!

My adbrite check arrived yesterday. I was expecting it in January however it arrived only yesterday. That's how bad the postal service is here in the Philippines. Nonetheless, I am happy that the check arrived and I was able to encash it. I enchashed the check via a local money changer. The check wasn't that big only over a $100 but am sure glad I earned that amount. It's additional money on my pocket. Sorry I don't have screenshots. My camera ain't working. I need to have it fixed.

Sign up for Adbrite here.. Click the banner.. Take note, if you join adbrite using the banner below you will be my referral and I will get a little commission in return. I hope you don't mind..:)

Continue making money online guys. It's not impossible. Just exert efforts and do your part of the bargain. Am sure your hard work will get paid off. Good luck on your money making venture!



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