Dec 30, 2007

Introduction To Money Making Online

To all Filipinos who want to make money online, I will be frank. Making money online is definitely not as easy as you think. If you see advertisements or promotions purporting to convey that you can make a hundred dollars or thousands of dollars in a few minutes of being online, don't be fooled! These are all marketing strategies. This is the general rule as far as I'm concerned. There maybe an exception though so you better be keen.

What you need before you join money making programs?
Before you join earning sites, you need to have an e-gold account or a paypal account, or a moneybookers account. There are other payment systems but these three are the most useful, most convenient payment systems for Filipinos.

If you wish to apply for e-gold account click here.
If you wish to apply for paypal account click here.
If you wish to apply for moneybookers account click here.

The e-gold controversy.
E-gold is no longer an advisable payment system due to the complaints received by its members. Please read articles about this system before you decide. But for your information I still have my e-gold account, active but I am using paypal now.

Paypal Philippines can now send and receive payments. Of the three payment systems I've mentioned, Paypal is the one I highly recommend. As to how to apply for paypal and how to withdraw money from paypal to your credit card, I will tackle about that in my next post.



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