Feb 6, 2008

I'm Joining Pinoy Money Talk's $75 Contest

Good day Pinoys! It's been quite a while since I last updated this blog. I just got a bit busy with school and other things. I'll be posting more about ways for pinoys to make money online. Remember I talk about proven ways here- meaning I myself have also earned, been paid, got cold cash from the money making sites that will be featured in this blog. So you should stick around or subscribe to this blog.

Today's topic will be about the Pinoy Money Talk's $75 Contest. I have talked about his contest in my other make money blog but I also feel obligated to talk about it in this blog as part of my entry to this contest.

The contest is an SEO contest. Your blog must top the google search result of the the keyword- pinoy money talk. You can virtually write anything about Pinoy Money Talk, his contests and link to PMT's article on Countdown to 3 Contest. Inform PMT of your entry by leaving the URL of your post in the comment box.

The contest runs until March 14, 2008 at 9pm.

Again this is a Search Engine Optimization Contest. The blog or site to get the top SERP for "pinoy money talk" will bring home the $75 prize. So if you have knowledge about SEO then you might as well try your luck and know-how through this contest.

I don't have much of a knowledge about optimization. But here I am pushing myself into this SEO battle. I know chances of winning is very slim but PMT might have other prizes at stake too. I read in his blog he might give other freebies and prizes as well. What could this items be? Who knows I might get lucky and have some of the freebies James of PMT has in mind. I haven't won in a contest as I never joined one except that of Macuha and this one now.

For more information about this contest you can visit pinoy money talk.



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