Feb 6, 2008

Teens Make Money Online

Never had it come to my mind that a niche on "teens make money online" can bring it so much traffic until I actually saw the progress of a friend who focused on teens make money online niche. The traffic is considerably huge and the competition is not so tough. This makes me assume that since many teens surf the net on a regular basis then they are in fact a very potential audience. My friend did very well in optimizing his blog to make it to the top ten for this keyword in google, msn and yahoo.

On one hand, do teens really surf the net to find ways to make money online? This puzzles me a bit because I know some pinoy teenagers who surf the net not to find earning sites but to check on their friendster accounts, listen to music, watch youtube, or look for their favorite celebrities' hottest pictures. (Although pinoy teens is just a fraction of the teenagers who surf the internet everyday.) But if indeed more and more teens are using the internet to find ways to make money online then that's a good sign. This shows that teens now want to make money at such early ages.

This pinoy site talks about money in general but teens can still join the earning sites featured here. But the less promotion for this blog may mean not a good SERP for the keyword teens make money online. I have not done promotions for this blog yet. But will eventually. I just need some free time to do all the things that need to be done.

In my next post I'll tackle about simple ways for teens to make money online. I understand how teen's life is- home-school-fun in between- home-school-fun-in-between. I also study and blog at the same time so I'm pretty sure teens will be able to adjust their schedules with the earnings sites I introduce. So watch out for my post about teens make money online.



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