Feb 7, 2008

Pinoy Money Talk SERP

Pinoy Money Talk Entry
I just made my second entry to the pinoy money talk contest. And according to Shoe Money's SERP checker this blog sits uncomfortably at rank 11. Please refer to the image below. I say uncomfortably because I aim at winning this contest and seeing my blog at rank 11 is disappointing. I am a pure novice when it comes to SEO techniques although I did manage to pull my make money online blog to a good SERP top 14 in google. But it required a lot of effort for a long time. I must admit, almost 75% of all the efforts were unknowingly done. All I knew about was keyword density and so I always make it to the point to mention the words make money online. Later on I learned quite a few SEO techniques from people claiming to be SEO experts.
pinoy money talkThe Struggle for the Pinoy Money Talk SERP
The ultimate aim now is to make it to the top spot of the "pinoy money talk". With only a handful of SEO techniques which by the way may not be correct, I take the challenge. In comparison to others who are quite familiar with Search engine optimization, I wonder where I stand. And as for the results I wonder how high can I go and if I even manage to make it to the top 10 for pinoy money talk is a question. And will I ever maintain the rank for a long month if I ever get to the top 10.

Pinoy money talk what a phrase to play around with! Although I hope to see an advantage knowing that this blog has a title starting with Pinoy and has a good keyword density for the word money. But this blog is relatively new. I am not really fond of promoting my articles. I rely heavily on search engines for visitors in my blogs. Chiefly because of school which limits the time I have to blog online and do what bloggers should do to attract more visitors to their sites.

If I do make it at least to the top 10 for pinoy money talk then it is a big accomplishment for me. It is tantamount to a confirmation that indeed I have learned something about SEO. The more if I win and grab the top spot for pinoy money talk.


VeLdRaNe says:
at: February 19, 2008 at 3:08 AM said...

sorry for the late reply. I added your site already and thanks for the help. BTW goodluck on your contest.


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