Mar 11, 2008

Less is More with Adsense

I noticed a sudden drop of adsense revenue last february. I can't figure out why for sure but I had to adjust and experiment once more with how the ads in my blogs. Today I think I figured it out. After a week of experimetation I noticed that less ads results more money for me in terms of how much I get per click on my adsense ads.

For instance in almost all my blogs with adsense ads on them I only put two adsense for content. For my Lady's Confession blog and Make Money Online blog I have one large rectangle inside my every post and one skyscrapper in the sidebar. I only allow one post to show in my homepage. I do all of these on the theory that the lesser ads in my blogs the more concentrated the ads will be. By that I mean, google will only show the most targeted ads, high paying ads in my blogs. If I use too many block ads, I'm giving room for low bidding advertisers. If there are many low paying ads in my blogs and visitors click on them the lower my cost per click is thus affecting my overall earnings.

This is a statement I gathered from JohnTP as he quoted Jane (I don't know which Jane he is referring):

The theory is that sites bid for their ads to be placed on contextually relevant web sites with the highest bidders getting the best adsense spots (the higher the better). If you only show 4 ads in 1 block, then adsense will place the highest 4 bidding advertisers in those spaces netting you the highest profit. The more ads you show, the more lower-bidding advertisers show up on your page that when those get clicked, your cpc becomes lower than it could be if they weren’t on your page to begin with.
The statement above supports my concept. Although there are other factors to consider. A major one is the keywords used.. For instance in my Lady's Confession blog, when I made a post mentioning jewelry, gold and diamonds, I get over a dollar click. So if you will implement lesser ads in your blogs try to target keywords which you think are high paying. Try it yourself and see if it works for you.


gusher says:
at: March 13, 2008 at 6:03 PM said...

nice info. thanks for that. ;)


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