Mar 17, 2008

How To Get Your Blog Indexed By Google n Minutes

The truth is that Blogs are quickly indexed by Google. Blogs are crawled often by google bots as well. Some bloggers report that their newly created blogs takes weeks, a month or a couple of months before it is indexed by Google. To know if your blog is indexed by google, go to google dot com and type the following in "".

Below is a screenshot of my newly created blog which Google indexed right away after I created it and wrote my first post. This is the new blog I created "Weird Finds".

I took the screenshot today but my blog was started yesterday. I failed to take a screenshot immediately after it was indexed because I only thought of writing this post today. How did I get my blog indexed by Google so quickly? For old time bloggers, I think this is not a secret anymore, but for newbies who I presume to comprise the greater number of readers for this blog, this is something new and something you should know.

To get your new blog indexed by google quickly, the google spiders or google bots must visit your blog. To make this possible you only need to do three things. First is to log in to your adsense account and get the adsense ads for your new blog. Second, put the adsense code in your blog. The google spiders|bots will start crawling your site to determine the ads to be displayed. The third and the easiest part "just wait"!

When the Adsense ads are already displayed in your blog as it takes time to appear once you put the code, go to google dot com and type in your blog's url. If your blog's URL is already listed in google, then your blog is indexed! In my case it takes less than 5 minutes to get indexed by Google.

This idea is based on personal experience. Some bloggers also do this technique. I have a blog which I started earlier than my Weird Finds blog but with no adsense ads on it yet. I submitted it to some directories already but its not yet indexed by google. It's over a week already but its not appearing in Google yet. But my Weird Finds blog which I have not submitted to any directories is already indexed in minutes by google.

Try this technique and let me know if your site is indexed quickly or not.



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