Apr 26, 2008

Low Adsense Earnings? Why Don't You Try Chitika!

Adsense is a good program to make money from. But let's admit it, it doesnt work to all people, to all blog niches all the time. Some of your blogs may get more earnings from adsense while others can't generate even a cent everyday. I know how frustrating it is when you have $99.99 in your adsense account on the 30th of the month and that much needed cent to reach the payout just didn't come. That's so disappointing! I've been there before!

Anyway, since adsense is an old established money making program most bloggers just focus on it to monetize their blogs. The frustrations on not getting the high $100 payout pile day after day, especially for new bloggers. One very serious mistake that new bloggers commit is on relying wholly to adsense to make money. Many bloggers ignore other programs which work well and has a low payout.

Chitika has been in existence for a long time as well. While it may not be as famous as Google Adsense to some but it's a very good money maker. If you are struggling to make a dollar a day from adsense, try Chitika. I have been a member of chitika for a long time but it's only been this April that I really focused on the program. I was amazed to see the results.

Below you will find a screenshot of my daily earnings from Chitika. From left to right, you'll see the date, the impressions, the clicks and lastly the earnings. You will notice I am averaging over a dollar a day. The zero earnings for April 8, 2008 was due to the template changes I made in some of the blogs where I placed the chitika code.

click to enlarge

My earnings however dropped these past days due to the Sudden SERP loss of my A Lady's Confession blog which is now totally dropped from the Index by Google. (I don't know why, i have to figure this out!)

Now, Chitika has really high pay per click. I've experienced getting $.23 per click and the least is not below $.10 a click. In contrast to Adsense where I do sometimes get just $.03 a click. Chitika pays on a net 30 basis which means that if you get $10 this April 30, you get paid this May 30 for Paypal payments and for check payments you need $50 to cash out.

If you have a paypal account you only need $10 to cash out. It's very achievable, trust me. I really advice everyone to join Chitika. There are lots of advertisement layouts to choose from. In my next post I will tell you which layout works best for me. Meanwhile visit Chitika or click the banner below to learn about this great money making program.

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Gusher says:
at: April 27, 2008 at 7:11 PM said...

hi there lady, just want to ask if, is it allowed for paid to post programs on putting some product ads on the end of each paid posts?

like putting Chitika ads on the end of paid posts, :)


lady influence says:
at: April 28, 2008 at 5:02 PM said...

allowed naman ata gusher.. wala naman sa rules na hindi eh.. but kung sponsored reviews or ppp minsan they put specific instructions that there should be only the advertsisers links in the posts.. but rare lang man yan..

but i could also be wrong..if i have time ill go over the rules/tos..

Gusher says:
at: April 28, 2008 at 5:53 PM said...

thanks for the info lady. :)


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