May 1, 2008

Another Page Rank Update: So???

With the recent PR update, google generously gave this Pinoy Dollar Quest blog a Page Rank of 2. Not hight but a lot better than seeing the PR-0. I was expecting a page rank of 4 as that was the prediction. But nonetheless I am more than happy.

I know the google page rank algorithm is as complicated as it could be. I don't understand it. Yes cause when I thought I already know how it works I get confused later Like how come a blog with no backlinks get a Page Rank while others with plenty of backlinks get no PR. Confusing isn't it! I've been presented with a lot of theories on how page rank is calculated and should i believe one than the other, when there seems to be no consistency with the algorithm as I see it. Some say the Page Rank algorithm was changed, then changed again, then here goes another change. In the end, bloggers get confused with Page Rank. Some get really lucky to have a Page Rank. But when you asked them how did they get their PR they'd more likely than not give you the same theoretical explanation: "I submit to different directories, exchange links with other bloggers and webmasters, made a sitemap, and this and that". And when you ask the blogger with a PR-0, he'll tell you exactly the same thing. And why the difference? Ask it to Google!

Page Rank is a measuring criterion of how important a website is?! Does this even hold true now? I doubt it for apparent reasons. Search online and you will find plenty of websites without backlinks and without any updates for months or years yet having very high page ranks. Look online and you'll find a number of filthy, pornographic websites where there is really is nothing but naked ladies or naked men, and plenty of pornographic videos, yet they have high page ranks. So where is the importance? The fact that they cater to many or perhaps few individuals who want to feed their hunger for lust? So you check on their backlinks, and yes some have plenty of backlinks again from pornographic sites.

But then again, even if we refuse to believe in its credibility, we are just mere bloggers and we revolve around this magnificent "Page Rank" thing to make it in the blogosphere both for fame, money and fun! So whether you believe in it or not is not an issue. You need a Page Rank or at least you want one than a big fat zero. (So while I don't have full trust with Page Rank I don't want to lose this blog's current page rank. )



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