Jun 16, 2008

Don't Be Afraid to Change Templates

One important lesson that every blogger must learn is to change his blog's template or layout if the need demands. Choosing the template for your website can break or unbreak your success in monetizing your blog. In choosing the right template for you blog, you need to consider the look, the functionality, and the ease of navigation. Many bloggers focus only on the look of their template. They tend to forget about the functionality of the template and whether it is visitor friendly or not.

Now, if you are the type of blogger who wants to make more money with adsense, like me, you might need to change your template from time to time. If your template does not give you the expected clicks from the ads, you might need to re-position the ads or altogether replace your current theme. If you have a blog that gets 100 visitors a day, but yields zero CTR on all your ads, you know there is something wrong with your template. That calls for change.

Take my case for instance. My A Lady's Confession blog gets over 200 visitors a day. I noticed however that I get almost zero earnings from it with the adsense ads. I had tried re-positioning the ads a lot of times yet there was no improvement. I had to act or just waste the traffic that blog is getting. So I changed the template but still there was no improvement with the clicks the ads get. I made another template change and still nothing happened. I tried another template this time a 3 column template and it worked. Immediately after I changed the template additional 7 clicks were registered. That 7 clicks made the huge difference in augmenting my daily earnings.

So the obvious lesson is to not be afraid to change your template. Experiment, experiment, experiment! Yes template change is a lot of work, but when you are able to find the right template for your blog the effort will be worth it.

If you have website that gets a lot of traffic and you are not earning money from it, you know the options available for you. If warranted, embrace change and change your template.

Did I tell you that in certain instances, a totally awful looking template can provide you with the most clicks to your ads? Well, it's a case to case basis. You need to experiment on this one! Good luck on generating more money from adsense and from any other program!



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