Jun 24, 2008

How To Make Money With Clickbooth

My short vacation is over and I am now back to blogging. I said in my previous post that I will teach you how to make money with clickbooth. I decided to sell an ebook which disposes of my strategies for only $3. But the sale lasted for only a couple of days. The ebook is no longer available for sale but you can personally request a copy by sending me an email or leaving a comment here. The price will still be $3. After payment I will give you the download link.

But in today's post I will tell you one important lesson that you should always bear in mind when you promote Clickbooth products. That is, never let your readers know that you are actually making money from the products that they see in your site. Don't be too obvious. Because whether we like it or not, there's a very huge tendency that people will not click on the products or buy the products because they know you make money if they do. The same principle as with ads like google adsense, adbrite, or bidvertiser- the "ad blind" concept. Some people think you are only squeezing money from their pockets.

You don't need to place "Sponsors", "Advertisements" as labels of the products you promote. It would be better if you put nothing at all. Or you could be extra creative. Why not label your products as "Good Finds" etc! It looks and sounds less like an advertisement and it could just convert to sales, leads better!

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