Jul 17, 2008

July 18, 2008 Earthquake Did Not Materialize!

It's July 18, 2008 already, almost 11:30 a.m and there is no earthquake to hit the Philippines. This is in contrast to the prediction made by Juseleeno Nobulega Daroose! Almost half day is over already and walang earthquake. Let's give our thanks to the Lord! But let's keep praying.

As for me, I am at home and I have no plans of going out. I'll stay inside until the day is over. Hehehhe..


Make Money Online w/ Gusher says:
at: July 20, 2008 at 5:23 PM said...

o2 nga lady, ala nmang Earthquake, hehehe, pero ung ibang blogs lumindol tlaga xa taas ng traffic, hehe


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