Jul 16, 2008

The July 18, 2008 Earthquake? Is there an Earthquake?

I'm counting the days before July 18, 2008 falls!

Will there be an earthquake on that day? Will the Philippines be shattered and shaken by an 8.1 Magnitude earthquake? Will the predictions of Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose take place? Will there be an earthquake? How many homes and buildings will be destroyed? How many lives will be severed?How many casualties will there be? How many will be injured? How many Filipinos will die? What will be the death toll?

I noticed many people are searching online for this July 18, 2008 Earthquake in the Philippines. It's nearing. And your question of "Is there an earthquake in the Philippines in July 18, 2008?" will be finally answered.

If you are living abroad, bookmark this page so you will get the latest update on this Earthquake as predicted to take place on July 18. I will be alert and vigilant on that day, so that I can narrate of the slightest movement of the ground, the slightest shaking of the Philippine soil if there'll be any.

Just to pacify your minds, out of 80,000 predictions of this prophet Juseleeno DaRoose, only %1 percent came true. So the chances of an earthquake as predicted is very minimal. But let's keep praying.



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