Aug 8, 2008

Beijing Olympics Opens with Spectacular Dazzling Ceremony

Photo: AFP / GETTY

The Beijing 2008 Olympics has begun. The biggest awaited sports event has finally started with 35thousand fireworks that lit up the sky, 10,000 dancers and performers in the National Stadium, 2,008 drummers pounded the countdown to the games.

See the picture above of the Bird's Nest and explosion of thousands of fireworks.

80 World leaders including President George Bush and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin were among the 91,000 excited and thrilled audience. There were 204 national teams who participated and parade through the Olympic Stadium. Millions watch the opening in the comfort of their respective homes in China. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games successful started in China despite all the threats of terrorism, attacks and despite the unforgetable earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese.



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