Aug 7, 2008

Make Money From Get Paid Surveys Online

Some Get Paid Surveys Online:

1. AWSURVEYS- This is a legitimate program. I can prove that they pay. They have paid me.

2. International Test and Vote- available to UK residents only.

3. Panda Research- A trusted survey program. Someone I know has earned $700 with this in just a month.

4. TikTik Cash- A trusted program that has been existing for long years.

Get Paid Surveys Online are not fast money makers. Although in rare instances one can get a decent $1000 a month just from these survey sites. A huge hindrance to earning more with surveys is the eligibility requirements affected by geographical locations. For instance, one who is from USA or Canada can get more surveys than one coming from other parts of the world. They are also likely to get the most high paying offers than others. The remedy however is to get referrals coming from USA or Canada. Even if you are from other parts fo the world and yet you have many referrals completing surveys, you still make money.

Be careful in parting away with sensitive information about yourself, like bank accounts, credit cards, etc. Although it's very rare to be asked of these kind of information. Whenever you are asked to provide these data, think again. You might lose money instead of gaining money. Many survey programs start as legitimate paying programs but end up as scams later on. So it's best to be always on guard against possible scams, fraud or deceit.


at: August 7, 2008 at 1:42 PM said...

The only two that are reliable are probably International Test and Vote and Tik Tik Cash. Panda Research has gotten so many complaints of non-payment and the same goes for AwSurveys. I'm glad you got paid by them because I never did, when asking for payment they canceled my account and I know I'm not the only they did this to. Also I would really call these survey sites, more like offer site, excluding International Test and Vote.

You can defiantly make a lot from these programs but you shouldn't use a credit card or debit card, one of the best things to do is get a re-loadable visa card so only the amount you load on it can be spend since sometimes the companies of the offer have hidden fees that are state in small print the majority of the time.

•☼•Good Luck•☼•


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