Jan 20, 2009

AWSURVEYS Is Trying to Scam Me?

AWSURVEYS is trying to scam me?

I'm adding a question mark at the end because AWSURVEYS has reduced the amount of money I earned when I cashed out. I made mention of this problem in my "Make Money Online" blog. I have been a member of AWSURVEYS for a long time and I am one of those who said that it's a legit site, a legit survey program. But I also said that it's legit as long as it continues to pay me.

My simple story is this. I reached $75 for the cash out. I hit the redeem cash button hoping to get my money in 5 days maximum. A week has passed and not an email from them about the status of my cash out. Of course logically I presumed everything was fine. Only to find out after checking my account at AWSURVEYS that they have denied the redemption of my earnings and reduced my earnings from $75 to $25.

I did not cheat so I sent them a "Ticket" about why my payment was denied. Surprisingly the ticket was labelled "resolved" when in fact no one has sent me an email about my inquiry, none at all "nada".

So the question is why? a lot whys?

Why reduce the money I accumulated?
Why deny my payment without informing me?
Why label my ticket as resolved when it's not yet resolved?

I hope someone from AWSURVEYS can read this post and answer all my questions. If sending a ticket to them is futile I don't know what else to do.

Getting my account banned? I hope not! This is just an honest, serious inquiry about my account that was never addressed and perhaps will never be addressed.

How about you? What's your AWSURVEYS story?



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