Jan 23, 2009

What is Septicimea?

What is Septicimea or Septicimia?

What is this kind of illness?

Septicimea/ Septicimia is a kind of disease affecting the blood. It is an infection of the blood It causes reduction of oxygen flowing to your extremities. This disease Septicimea caused the severance of the hands and feet of Brazilian Model Mariana Bridi Da Costa.

In a more detailed explanation of Septicimea I quoted a definition or description of this disease via http://www.dcqna.com.

"Septicemia is just a medical possession which is used to generally describe the presence of germs in the bloostream. There are several different causes, but one point is necessary: a point of entry into the bloodstream. This could be an crack in the skin or mucosae (such as the pool liner of the mouth, respiratory tract, intestines, urethra, etc.), a surgical site; many times the portal of entry cannot be identified. Such a disseminated infection could sometimes signify underlying immune problems, but septicemia may come about in otherwise strong individuals. There are certain predisposing factor such as extremes of age (either very out-of-date or very young), reliable surgical procedures, medications, chronic diseases (such as diabetes, congestive heart dead loss and others),etc. This is a very complicated medical subject which should be treated usually next to wide-spectrum antibiotics (except if there is an identified organism), as resourcefully as cardiovascular and sometimes respiratory support (many times is complicated with hypotension and acute respiratory distress syndrome) and handle by specialists since it is potentially life-threatening. "

Septicimea is a life threatening disease and that's why the case of Mariana Bridi De Costa is a really serious one. You can read more about her illness - Mariana Bridi De Costa Hands and Feet Amputated.

Let's pray for Mariana Bridi De Costa. I read that her stomach was also removed.



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