Jan 18, 2009

Reaching the 4 Figure Dollar Monthly Income + Affiliate Programs

I'm a four figure dollar earner now. That's on a monthly basis. But it's only today that I decided to reveal it. Yes I make more than $1,000 every month. Thanks to adsense and other affiliate earning programs that I am a member of.

I don't intend to stop dreaming of getting more than $1k a month from all earning programs I joined. I'm raising my goal. I am committed to earning a steady $2k a month. It's possible. Right now am working on making money with affiliate programs.

I've got a few affiliate program sites on the list;

1. Clickbooth- of course! I've got a few referrals here but they are not working so I suppose they don't make a single penny from Clickbooth. They need to promote the products to get commissions. I'm not a super expert yet but I'm learning a lot of things already on promoting products.

2. Adblaze- this one's new, thanks to Jehzlau for introducing me to this affiliate program. For just signing up I got a $25 bonus. Not bad at all.

3. Thinkhost- This one has a very rewarding referral system.Get $100 for each account you refer + 2nd tier referral cash too.

4. Moreniche- Another great affiliate site. Superb referral system. Join and invite others and get $20 or more as commission.

5. InfoLinks- This is superb! It works better than Chitika and sometimes better than adsense. Believe me you'll regret not joining this program. Proof? I've got the proofs you want. You'll be amazed by this program if you'll see the proofs of payment. :)

More affiliate programs in my next post. I'm not feeling well today.



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