Aug 14, 2009

Good Keywords To Generate Traffic!

Blogging for money is not simply about expressing what you want to say. It's not simply about being able to narrate and tell a story. A major factor that newbies must consider is keyword. A good and highly searched keyword is essential in getting traffic to your blog. A change in your keyword can add additional visitors to your website. For example, many people may search for "make money at home" but there are more people who search for "make money online". Obviously if you get on top of the ranking with the highly searched keyword/s you're getting more traffic. The competition may be tough though, but let's not dwell on that now. Let's focus on "keyword" choice. My point is that, two websites might be talking about the same topic or issue but the difference in keywords used especially in the title of the post and in the body makes the other site outrank the rest. One must choose his keywords wisely. One must choose the title to every post wisely.

One more thing, try to add some exciting, catching words to your title. Your blog may be ranked lower, but because of that catching word you added, you might just attract more visitors. Example, "Miley Cyrus Sexy Photos", why not title it this way "Miley Cyrus Sexy Photos (HOT!!!)". Got what I mean? These are just really simply ideas that you might have already known. Implement it! Try it! Every visitor matters if you really want to make money online.



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