Aug 14, 2009

Page Rank Drop! My PR 3 to PR 0

This blog used to be a PR 3 blog but google penalized the blog just a few months ago. I am hopeful this blog gets the PR 3 back. The culprit for the PR drop I believe has something to do with diminishing backlinks and perhaps penalty for selling some blog space to advertisers. But am sure, google knows what it's doing and in due time this blog will get the Page Rank back.

Page Rank doesn't really matter that much today but it still says a lot about the blog and for many advertisers a PR is a major criterion. So for those who are starting their blogs, aim for a good page rank. Generate backlinks and make link exchanges wisely.

I will be away for some time and updates in this blog will be rare but I will be back and by then you'll see me blogging with my very own dot (.) com domain. hehehe..

Anyway, good luck to everyone who wants to make money online!



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